Open Nordic Senior Championships 2013

The Norwegian Badminton Association Veteran Committee thank all players for participation in ONSC 2013. We look forward to see you all in the next ONSC tournement. Thank you!

(Left to right: Kristian, Daniel, Tone, Kjetill, Kirsten, Heidi, Helge and Arne)

Welcome to Open Nordic Senior Championships 2013, Tønsberg, Norway

The Norwegian Badminton Association Veteran Committee is happy to wish you welcome to Tønsberg, to join the 2nd ONSC. As you know the 1st where arranged in Espoo, near Helsinki in Finland two years ago. 

The draw is now published on Tournementsoftware: The draw

115 players from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Scotland will come. 268 matches are scheduled.

The arena will be as announced before, Slagenhallen, which is situated in Trimveien, address 3151, Tolvsrød. 

The distance from the Quality Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg is 4 km. The address for the hotel is Nedre Langgate 49, 3126 Tønsberg, and phone no. is +47 33 35 97 00.

The tournament will start 5 pm on Friday 18th. We have 14 courts available.

We will have a team managers meeting at 4.30 to give information about the latest changes. Please give the tournament director Kirsten Gulbrandsen all information by email about withdrawals as soon as possible.

The shuttlecocks that are to be used is Forxa VIP FZ, which should be provided by the players. Shuttlecocks are not included in the starting fee. Shuttlecocks could be bought in the kiosk in the hall for 25€, NOK 200.

There will be no umpires or counters on the courts. We will hope that you all will be helpful to assist players with counting.

There will be a party Saturday evening, where everyone is going. The price is NOK 395. Drinks are not included.

Kind regards,

Helge N Hansen

The Norwegian Badminton Association Veteran Committee

+47 91382530

ONSC 2013 - Information

The tournement starts on Friday, October 18th and ends on Sunday, October 20th 2013. Start of tournament will not be earlier than 15:00 on Friday.

Official invitation, available from link below:

- Invitation ONSC 2013.PDF

Official entry form for registrations, available from link below:

- ONSC2013-entries.xls

For more info, goto page Registration.

Official draw, available from link below:

- ONSC2013-draw (Tournemententsoftware)

National association approved shuttlecocks Forza VIP(Tournement), will be for sale. Shuttlecocks must be provided by players themselves.

Arrival and departure in Tønsberg

For information on how to travel to Tønsberg,  goto page: Arrival in Tønsberg.